Spain 2023 / Portugal 2024


Discover the fascinating world of video games and extended realities (XR) to generate positive social impact.

Terrassa. Spain. November 22 and 23, 2023.

Lisboa. Portugal. January 09 and 10, 2024

Get ready to immerse yourself in a unique experience at inVideogames Summit! We invite you to discover how video games and extended reality are revolutionizing the way we think and live.

In this exceptional event, we will explore the most innovative and cutting-edge ideas about the transformative power of video games and extended reality in our lives. We will break mental barriers, transform limiting beliefs, and develop valuable skills that will translate into significant emotional well-being.

Did you know that video games can educate in values? You'll be amazed to see how these fascinating tools can convey inspiring messages and fundamental teachings to build a better society.


At inVideogames Summit, we will challenge your perception of what is possible. You will discover that these technologies go beyond entertainment and become allies in improving our lives.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to be part of a passionate and diverse community. You'll meet players, innovators, and creatives eager to expand their horizons and explore new limits.

Reserve your spot right now and join the Revolution of Consciousness Through Video Games and Extended Reality at inVideogames Summit!. Your transformation begins here!


Summary inSummit Terrassa

Summary inSummit Training


Explore the latest trends in video game development for generating positive social impact on people. Renowned international experts from the sector will share their knowledge, experiences, and vision with all attendees.


In our captivating workshops, you’ll have the opportunity to discover a wide array of practical applications that harness the power of video games and extended realities to elevate people’s level of consciousness to new heights.


Our space is a unique hub for professionals from various fields to interact and create collaborative synergies towards high-impact social projects. Join us to network and collaborate towards innovative solutions.

Addressed to

Youth and students

With interests related to video games, technology, art, psychology, education and health.

Educators and trainers

Interested in developing both technical and soft skills.

Health professionals

Interested in innovation in mental health and training.

Gamers and technologists

Experts in videogame development and virtual reality.

Promoters and partners

for enhanced learning and growth

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